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Steam locomotive H220 Heavy Harry, Railway Museum, North Williamstown, 15 January 2017.

707 Operations

707 Operations maintains and operates the former Victorian Railways steam locomotive R707 and a fleet of heritage rolling stock. Tours run to various destinations within Victoria.

Alexandra Timber Tramway

Alexandra Timber Tramway operates train rides using steam and diesel locomotives over a 610 mm gauge line. Also on the site is a re-creation of a bush sawmill, as well as displays of industrial locomotives, rolling stock and machinery. Trains operate on the second and fourth Sunday of every month and some public holidays. Alexandra is located approximately 130 km north of Melbourne.

Ararat Railway Museum

Ararat Railway Museum is managed by the Ararat Railway Heritage Association. It features two historic signal boxes and a collection of items related to local railways. The museum is open on Fridays and Sundays. Ararat is located approximately 200 km west of Melbourne.

Ballarat Tramway Museum

Ballarat Tramway Museum has a collection of tramcars, as well as displays of photographs, videos and artefacts. Exhibits include former Ballarat and Melbourne electric trams and a double-deck horse tram built in 1887. The depot is at the south end of the Ballarat Botanical Gardens. Historic trams are operated within the Botanic Gardens area. Trams operate on weekends, public and school holidays. Ballarat is located approximately 120 km west of Melbourne.

Bellarine Railway

The Bellarine Railway operates trips with steam and diesel locomotives between Queenscliff and Drysdale on the Bellarine Peninsula. Trains operate on Sundays and most public holidays, as well as on other days during Easter and school holidays. Special events are also held during the year. The Bellarine Railway has a fleet of steam and diesel locomotives that operated with the government railways in Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania, as well as some that saw service with private operators. Queenscliff is located approximately 100 km south-west of Melbourne.

Bendigo Tramways

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Bendigo Tramways has the oldest operating tram depot in Australia and has 45 trams, 14 of which are in working condition. Most of the trams were formerly in regular service on the Bendigo or Melbourne tram networks. Bendigo Tramways operates what is referred to as the ‘Vintage Talking Tram Tour’ because of the recorded commentary it provides along the route. The depot is also open as a museum. Trams operate every day except Christmas Day. Bendigo is located approximately 150 km north-west of Melbourne.

Bright and District Historical Museum

The Bright and District Historical Museum is located in the former Bright railway station. Displays include railway rolling stock, as well as railway and local history items. Bright is located approximately 320 km north-east of Melbourne.

Coal Creek Community Park and Museum

Coal Creek Community Park and Museum displays rural life in the 1800s and early 1900s. On display are various items regarding railways of the region, including steam locomotive K169 and several carriages. A 610 mm gauge bush tramway also operates on the site. Coal Creek is located approximately 120 km south-east of Melbourne.

Daylesford Spa Country Railway

Daylesford Spa Country Railway operates train rides with heritage rail motors between Daylesford and Bullarto, travelling through scenic forests and countryside. Trains run every Sunday. Several former Victorian Railways rail motors are in operating condition, and the group also has diesel locomotives and various goods wagons. A railway museum is currently being developedand plans are underway to extend services to Trentham. Daylesford is located approximately 110 km north-west of Melbourne.

Diesel Electric Rail Motor Preservation Association of Victoria (DERMPAV)

The Diesel Electric Rail Motor Preservation Association of Victoria (DERMPAV) aims to restore diesel and electric rail motors. Main line tours with diesel rail motors operate to various destinations throughout Victoria, including along lines not regularly used by passenger trains.

Friends of the Australian Rail Tractors

Friends of the Australian Rail Tractors aims to preserve and restore Australian rail tractors. It owns two former Victorian Railways rail tractors, RT2 and RT12.

Geelong & South Western Rail Heritage Society

The Geelong & South Western Rail Heritage Society aims to preserve rolling stock and railway infrastructure of Geelong and south-west Victoria. The group maintains the buildings at Birregurra railway station, serviced by V/Line trains on the Warrnambool line, and holds various displays throughout the year. Birregurra is located approximately 140 km south-west of Melbourne.

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Kerrisdale Mountain Railway & Museum

Kerrisdale Mountain Railway & Museum is a 610 mm gauge zig zag railway operating in the Tallarook Ranges. Scenic views can be seen as the train climbs steeply to Summit station. The site also has a museum with railway and other industrial exhibits. Trains operate on Sundays. Kerrisdale is located approximately 120 km north of Melbourne.

Melbourne Tramcar Preservation Association

The Melbourne Tramcar Preservation Association has a collection of former Melbourne trams. It also maintains an electric tramway to demonstrate the operation of its preserved tramcars. Public open days are scheduled infrequently at Haddon, located approximately 130 km west of Melbourne.

Melbourne Tram Museum

Melbourne Tram Museum has a collection of 21 historic Melbourne tramcars and related objects, including a cable tram grip car and trailer. It is housed within the former Hawthorn depot and is open to visitors on the second and fourth Saturday of each month. Hawthorn is located in an inner eastern suburb of Melbourne.

Mornington Railway

Mornington Railway operates trains using heritage steam and diesel locomotives between Moorooduc and Mornington on the Mornington Peninsula. The locomotive fleet includes four former Victorian Railways K Class locomotives, with K163 in operating condition. Future plans include re-opening the section of railway line between Baxter and Moorooduc, enabling trains to run to Frankston, the restoration of more locomotives and carriages, and the development of a museum. Trains run every Sunday, with some additional services for special events and during school holidays. Mornington is located approximately 75 km south of Melbourne.

Newport Railway Museum

The Newport Railway Museum has a wide collection of locomotives, rolling stock and other items, mostly from the Victorian Railways. Exhibits include the largest collection of Victorian Railways steam locomotives, including H220 Heavy Harry, the heaviest locomotive to operate in Victoria. Also on display are diesel and electric locomotives, passenger carriages, freight wagons and steam cranes. The museum is open on Saturdays, and on Saturdays and Sundays during school holidays. It is located approximately 15 km south-west of Melbourne, near North Williamstown railway station on Melbourne’s suburban Williamstown line.

Portland Cable Trams


Portland Cable Trams operates restored and replica Melbourne cable tramcars along Portland’s foreshore. There are several stops where passengers can alight and re-join the tram again later. Trams operate every day except Christmas Day. Portland is located approximately 370 km west of Melbourne.

Puffing Billy

Puffing Billy is a 762 mm gauge railway in the scenic Dandenong Ranges, east of Melbourne. It was opened as a tourist railway in 1962. The line runs a distance of 24 km from Belgrave, where Puffing Billy is based, through Lakeside to Gembrook. It attracts numerous visitors, with passenger numbers of 50,678 in 2020–21. Puffing Billy operates several former Victorian Railways narrow gauge steam locomotives as well as diesel locomotives. A special attraction is the open-sided carriages, enabling passengers to hang their legs outside of the carriage. The steam locomotive fleet includes six NA Class tank locomotives, five of which are in operational condition, a G Class Garratt, and a Climax geared locomotive that was used in the Victorian timber industry. A museum at Menzies Creek Museum houses over 80 exhibits, including steam and diesel locomotives, carriages and a rail tractor. The Lakeside Visitor Centre provides a function centre, café and interpretive information. Puffing Billy operates every day except Christmas Day. Belgrave is located approximately 40 km west of Melbourne and can be reached by suburban train.

Red Cliffs Historical Steam Railway

Red Cliffs Historical Steam Railway operates a 610 mm gauge railway over 2 km of track. The railway has one steam and one diesel locomotive, and is open on the first Sunday of each month. Red Cliffs is located near Mildura, approximately 530 km north-west of Melbourne.

Seymour Railway Heritage Centre

Seymour Railway Heritage Centre operates tours to a range of destinations in Victoria using heritage diesel locomotives and passenger carriages. Trains are also available for charter, and there are locomotives and rolling stock available for lease to private operators. The depot at Seymour has two former Victorian Railways J Class steam locomotives, various former Victorian Railways diesel locomotives, and former Commonwealth Railways diesel locomotive GM36. Guided tours of the depot can be arranged by appointment. Seymour is located approximately 110 km north of Melbourne.

Signalling Record Society of Victoria

The Signalling Record Society of Victoria aims to record and promote the history of railway signalling in Victoria. Activities include regular meetings, production of a newsletter, maintaining an archive of documents, and visits to locations of interest.

Steamrail Victoria

Steamrail Victoria aims to restore and operate Victorian vintage steam, diesel and electric locomotives and carriages. It has 16 steam locomotives, six of which are in operational condition, nine diesel and six electric locomotives, and a fleet of over forty passenger and other carriages. Steamrail Victoria operates tours to a range of destinations in the state. Its operational base is Newport Workshops in Melbourne.

The Overland Museum

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A museum dedicated to the passenger train The Overlandis being developed in Kaniva in western Victoria. The Overland commenced running between Melbourne and Adelaide in 1887. A restored sleeping carriage from the train will be a feature exhibit of the museum. Also on display will be various artefacts and photos. The Overland Museum is not yet open. Kaniva is located approximately 410 km north-west of Melbourne.

Tramway Museum Society of Victoria

The Tramway Museum Society of Victoria operates the Tramway Heritage Centre at Bylands. It has a collection of over 40 tramcars and buses from Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat and Adelaide. Exhibits include horse, cable and electric trams. The museum is open on Sundays. Bylands is located approximately 70 km north of Melbourne.

Victorian Goldfields Railway

Victorian Goldfields Railway operates steam train rides over 17 km of track between the historic gold mining towns of Castlemaine and Maldon. Trains operate on Sundays, Wednesdays and some Saturdays. The depot is located at Maldon, where there is a collection of former Victorian Railways steam and diesel locomotives and carriages. Castlemaine is located approximately 120 km north-west of Melbourne and Maldon is located approximately 140 km north-west of Melbourne.

Victorian Steam Locomotive Company

The Victorian Steam Locomotive Company is working on a project to build and operate a new Victorian Railways Vauclain compound V class 2-8-0 steam locomotive. It is planned that the completed locomotive would be numbered V499 and be based at the Victorian Goldfields Railway in Maldon.

Walhalla Goldfields Railway

Walhalla Goldfields Railway operates train rides over the 762 mm gauge railway between the historic town of Walhalla and Thomson. The journey traverses Stringers Creek Gorge and crosses a bridge over the Thomson River. Services operate on weekends, with some weekday services during school holidays and at other times. Diesel locomotives operate services, but two former Melbourne X1 Class trams have been purchased for future conversion to railcars. Walhalla is located approximately 200 km east of Melbourne.

Yarra Valley Railway

Yarra Valley Railway has a collection of steam and diesel locomotives, railcars and rolling stock based in the yard of Healesville railway station, on the former Lilydale to Healesville railway line. Tours are operated using a historic rail motor from Healesville to Tunnel Hill and return. Trains run on Sundays, public holidays, and on Wednesdays during school holidays. Funding has been received for rebuilding of the scenic railway line between Yarra Glen and Healesville. Healesville is located approximately 110 km north-east of Melbourne.

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