Pikes Peak Region has Awesome Day Hikes - Crazy About Colorado (2022)

All around the Pikes Peak region, there are trails and trails and trails for various skill levels found not far from Colorado Springs. Short drives lead you into deep forests, unusual rock formations, and endless views.

Living or visiting inthe Pikes Peak areathese trails get you close to nature and areguaranteed to leave you loving the outdoors!

Note: Many of the links are affiliate links which means I receive a very small commission (at no added cost to you).

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St. Mary’s Falls Trail

St. Mary’s Falls is a delightful trail that takes you deep into a canyon among spruce, aspens, and a mixture of pines with Buffalo Canyon Creek trickling down alongside you. When reaching the end of the trail a signpost will lead you to the right and this is when the trail gets a bit sketchy as you start going up and up before reaching the bottom of the falls. Extremely popular and crowded in the summer months. Tip: go in October andbe rewarded with clear skies, fewer hikers, and an abundance of gold leaves fluttering about.

6.3 miles out and back

Trail #624

Rated: easy/moderate – NOTE: at the end of the hike itbecomes mostly moderate

Elevation gain: 1,397 ft.

Portable restrooms at Helen Hunt Falls parking area in North Cheyenne Canon Park

Located: at the intersection of North Cheyenne Canon Road, Gold Camp Road and High Drive

Dog friendly

Family friendly

Nearest town: Colorado Springs, CO

Pike National Forest

Dispersed Camping permitted:information: Pike Peak Ranger District: 719-636-1602

From Colorado Springs: Take Cheyenne Rd to North Cheyenne Canon Park – go into Park and drive pass Helen Hunt Falls (3 miles) to upper parking lot at intersection of High Dr. and Gold Camp Rd. Park here, Hike through gate and follow dirt road to the 3rd tunnel. (1.2 miles) Go past tunnel (over the hill) this is where the trailhead starts.

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Section 16 Trail, Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Need a good workout and beautiful surroundings. This would do it. This trail is one of our get-ready for the highermountain hikes before summer simply because it has a little bit of everything. Going counter-clockwise you hike through red rocks then end up on a steep inline through a dense forest, to stunning views on top and a nice hike the rest of the loop. It’s super crowded in thesummer so come early if possible,it’s a trail not to miss.

5.7 mile loop

Rated: moderate

Open to hiking, biking & horseback

Dog friendly

Portable restrooms at Trailhead

Located: Gold Camp Road, Manitou Springs

Closest Town: Manitou Springs, CO

Pike National Forest

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Catamount Trail

Catamount Trail was a complete surprise. We had no idea it would take us all the way tothe North Slope Recreation area. From the start of the trailhead to the end was a treat. First passing Crystal Creek Falls then winding upsteepswitchbacks through a beautiful forest, then into a wildflower-filled meadow called “the Garden of Eden” and on up to the Catamount Reservoirs at the North Slope Recreation area.

After your hike or even before don’t miss “The Pantry” in Green Mountain Falls for breakfast or lunch. Highly recommend!

4.9 miles out and back

Rated: moderate

Elevation gain: 1,506 ft.

Hiking only

Located in the town of Green Mountain Falls, CO – Hwy 24 West

NOTE: Must park in town and hike up Hondo Ave. to reach trailhead

Restrooms at Green Mountain Falls Lake Parking lot.

The Crags Trail

The Crags Trail is one of the mostmemorable hikes in the Pike Peak region.Get ready for the unexpected when you hike The Crags.You won’t be disappointed, instead, you’ll be giddy with awe. Not your normal trek through the Colorado forests whenreaching the top. The views, bristlecone pines, and rock formations will leave you stunned. The Crags Trail, A Local Favorite!

4.9 miles out and back

Trail #664

Rated: easy/moderate

868 ft. elevation gain

Pike National Forest, information: Pike Peak Ranger District: 719-636-1602

Open year round – best May-October

Located: Hwy 67 South, Divide, CO

Dog and horse friendly

Views of Rampart Range, Ute Pass, Catamount Reservoirs

Note: the gate before the trailhead might be closed due to weather in winter but park at the gate and snowshoe in.

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Hikes you want to be prepared for with appropriate hiking gear. At high altitudes,dehydration plus fickle weather is always something to consider. >CLICK HERE fora look atPractical gear that we love at Crazy About Colorado and have in our backpacks on every hike

Pancake Rocks Trail

Pancake Rocks is a hike to remember when reaching your final destination. A good portion of this trail is an uphill trek that got our hearts pumping. However, close to the top, it becomes a gentle up and down trail surrounded by rock formations within a beautiful forest. Views started appearingand soon we are at Pancake Rocks. To top it off wefound locals cooking pancakes when we reached the Rocks! Guess it’s a tradition.

You start this hike at Horsethief Falls Trailhead for about a mile and turn right just before the Falls onto Pancake Rock Trail. Do the extra 1/2 mile to the Falls,it’s small but sweet with homemade teepees about. Pancake Rocks Trail, Nothing Else Like It

Rated: Moderate to hard

Approx: 6 miles out and back

Highest Elevation: about 11,000 ft.

Open to Hiking, snowshoeing, biking and horses

Dog friendly

Located: Hwy 67 South, Divide, CO

Pike National Forest

Closest Towns: Divide, Woodland Park

Trail #704 at first trailhead, Trail #704A for Pancake Rocks

No restrooms

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Mueller State Park

So many trails for every skill level within Mueller State Park that you could hike within the Park for weeks. Beautiful meadows, rock formations, ponds, pines, spruces, and loads of Aspens. Its truly a mountain experience. The Park is open year-round, including the visitor center which offers amazing guided hikes.

Rated: a trail for every skill level!

55 miles of trails

Open year round

Dogs not allowed on hiking trails (to protect the abundant wildlife)

Pike National Forest

Closest Towns: Divide, Woodland Park

Mueller State Park – Colorado Parks & Wildlife – for information and trail map.

Mule Trail

Off the beaten path and an easy peasy couple of miles among pines & aspens within rock canyon walls and a flowing creek gurgling alongside you. This is a perfect family of small kiddos trail or a great “getaway for a while” hike. It’s green and lush in the summer, provides lots of shade, and the perfect easy way to get outsideand relax. I know not everyone wants the hill climbs! Mule Trail is an Unkown Hiker Haven

Just across the street (Hwy 67) is Red Rock Trail – another easy peasy hike in a mini Garden of the Gods!

Rated: easy

2.8 miles out and back

Start Elevation: 8,066 ft. minimal gain

Nearest Town: Woodland Park

Dog friendly

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Raspberry Mountain Trail

This hike was beyond our expectations. At thesummit of Raspberry Mountain, we had sweeping views of Colorado’s highest peaks while scrambling over amazing rock formations. Hiking most of the way on Ring the Peak trail through deep shaded forests and open meadows until suddenly you turn off and head straight up a short wayand “WOW”. The views kept us here for along time. It will you too. Astonishing Views Hiking Raspberry Mountain

4.6 miles out and back.

Via – Ring the Peak Trail

Rated: moderate

Dog & family friendly

Popular for hiking & mountain biking

Lots of shade for summer hikes

Located: Hwy 67 South –

Pike National Forest

Closest Towns: Divide, Woodland Park

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Manitou Incline

Yikes! It’sdefinitely not your average hike or a day hike but it’s one of the most popular treks in the area. You will either love it or hate it. Ilove it but most timeswhen I bringsomeone they hate me for it. I debated addingthis one but thought it might be for someone! It’s gruelingand not for someone who has not acclimated to the altitude. Please checktheir website for added information on safetyandeverything else. The hike down on Barr Trail is beautiful, yet crowded in summer. The 2,744 steps going up is for you to decide! No time to see the scenery asyou’resimply tryingto breathe.The sense of accomplishment is a feeling that few other challenges can deliver.I’veencountered a lot of kids on the Incline.

Highest point: 8550 ft

East side of Pikes Peak

Rated: difficult (extreme) no kidding!

2,744 steps

Located: Manitou Springs, CO

Information: Manitou Incline

Signal Butte Hike

Signal Butte is one weird off the beaten path trail, however, the views are unsurpassed so I added itto the list. Not actually in the Pikes Peak area but close enough! The conical peak is the tallest thing in a vast valley floor that stretches for miles. After only a 1/2 mile hike straight up you find stellarviews of Pike Peak, the Sawatch Range, Tenmile/Mosquito Range, and the Lost Creek Wilderness. As we reached the summit 2 golden Eagles flew off the topand flew overhead. That wassensational. Signal Butte Hike is Weird and Wonderful

IF PLANNING A DAY HIKE this is not it … its certainly worth checking out.

Rated: moderate

Trail #719

1 mile out and back

Dog friendly with a leash

Start elevation: 8900 ft –End elevation: 9423 ft

Nearest Town: Divide, CO

HOW TO FIND THIS HIDDEN GEM: from the traffic light at US 24 and Hwy 67 in Divide, turn north for a short distance and veer left. Stay on CR 51 for about 11 miles. Turn right onto FSR 363. (Only a small Forest Service Road marker). Watch for it its easy to miss! Go 1/2 mile and veer left at the intersection onto FSR 362 (easy to miss marker so make sure you veer left. Follow for 3.3 miles until you reach FS 363A. You can’t miss it as the Butte is on your left and the road visibly leads into a parking area.

Pikes Peak Region has Awesome Day Hikes - Crazy About Colorado (12)

Hikes beyond Pikes Peak Region

McCullough Gulch Trail Hoosier Pass, Breckenridge, CO

Browns Lake Trail Between Buena Vista & Salida, CO

Ptarmigan Lake Trail Cottonwood Pass, Buena Vista, CO

Colorado Hike, 23 Awesome Trails!

Note: Many of the links are affiliate links which means I receive a very small commission (at no added cost to you).

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