Olinda Oil Museum & Trail (2022)

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  • 5Amber L. 4 years ago

    Beautiful hike. If you want to watch a sunrise it's the best possible place around Brea

  • 5James F. 3 years ago

    A great little hike!

  • 5mike d. 3 years ago

    Always a fun quick hike not too hard with facilities at the beginning

  • 5Kevin N. 3 years ago

    The trail is a nice quick hike into the hills in Brea nice hills and when it's the winter or spring green and blooming but during the summer it's like a dessert the museum is nice but small but it's free I highly recommend it it's only open on Wednesday and Sunday

  • 5Troy W. 4 years ago

    Nice place to get away from it all and have a nice hike. This is a hilly hike, not very much flat ground.

  • 5Bruce M. 3 years ago

    A charming window on the OC's past.

  • 5Allison Hughes H. 3 years ago

    We had a wonderful experience here recently, a MUST see if you live in OC or if you're visiting the area and love learning about you're surroundings!The staff were very welcoming and so knowledgable of the old oil town of Olinda, its historical past and the significance it had to the oil industry and its' residents!The docent Chris F who my friend and I spoke to in length, happen to be 4th generation of Olinda. His first hand family experiences of living on the Olinda lease as a child, attending the towns' school house and an aray of other first hand conversations were priceless!Thank you Chris F, ...my 83 year friend (who raised her 3 children in Olinda Village in the 60-70's) and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit!This State Park ran museum has done a wonderful job with its' museum displays on the inside as well as its' outside Oil drilling equipment displays in the exhibit area above the Field Office Building. Next time we visit we will explore the oil museum trails as well.I had lived in Brea for 10 years in the 1980's and my friend in the 1960' & 1970's. It was awesome to visit this museum last week after being away for many years and learn first hand about Olinda's history that we never knew much about till now!Thank you for the awesome experience we had!

  • 5Erik S. 3 years ago

    Decided to take the family here. My wife and I had never been. The park rangers were nice and very informative. Lot of cool history to be learned.

  • 5Kelsi S. 3 years ago


  • 5Patrick S. 3 years ago

    Fun hike historic place great views

  • 5Jim F. 3 years ago

    Great little out-of-the-way museum and trail

  • 5Dave R. 3 years ago

    Great place to visit, good hiking trails

  • 5Monica M. 1 year ago

    I really enjoyed exploring this area. My friend and I did the hiking trail and I would rate it as easy. Every pit stop there was a history about the oil industry and I like how we got to see different styles of oil machinery. The trail goes as a loop. There's no shade so I would recommend to arrive early. In the end we enjoyed learning and admiring the outdoor museum. It was a fun and cute place to learn Brea's oil industry and farming.

  • 5Jessica Tussey R. 1 year ago

    Oh my gosh! What a fun little gem this place is!! The hike was lovely, and The museum was incredible! It was fun to learn about a piece of Brea’s history! I’ve were there about 3 weeks ago, and I believe Jake was the man who gave us our tour, and he was just soooo so so wonderful!

  • 5Barry W. 10 months ago

    While not a long hike, there is plenty of elevation gain. The view is worth it! The information signs along the way are interesting, and the trail is well marked.

  • 5Milos S. 1 year ago

    Really cool small outdoor museum with a working pump and a few more tools and vehicles displayed. Surrounded by approx 2 mile trail makes it an hour or more fun time in a very peaceful neighbourhood.A Regional park is also located nearby, so you can expand your hike a bit more if you like.

  • 5Carol C. 9 months ago

    Amazing gem! The park volunteer, Chris Farren, grew up on the park site with his family. He played as a child in the museum building and the grounds. He is one of the best living history guides, ask him about waking up in the winter! Great short hike to views, with working oil wells. Free Admission.

  • 5D. 1 year ago

    History, engineering and a lovely 2 mile loop hike together in this unexpected spot, all free and available 7AM-dusk 7 days a week. Small indoor museum with limited hours. Better than I expected, and I'll be back!

  • 5Scott L. 1 year ago

    Outstanding tour inside and outside. Much more to see than I expected. Thank you, Jack, for your interesting first-person history and for holding all our kids attention. We followed the tour with the loop trail. Beautiful views--even all the container ships moored off Long Beach.

  • 5Noel P. 1 year ago

    Hidden gem, dripping with history, including Brea Well #1, still pumping since 1897. Well signed artifacts of oil production in the area, including Native Americans who used to the Brea seeps and a source of pitch. Nice trail too.

  • 5W O. 1 year ago

    Peaceful and scenic hike of near by Brea and Yorba Linda area. The loop is about 2 miles with some uphill accent. Plenty of shade along the trail with several places to sit. There are also several viewing areas off the trail to take pictures. At the trail head there is free parking and plenty of outdoor artifacts from the early 1900 regarding the oil boom in the area. Restrooms are also available at the trail head. Geo caches can be found along the trail.

  • 5Ivan C. 1 month ago

    Nice scenic trail. A bit narrow at times but overall a nice hike

  • 5Archon B. 3 years ago

    A great little museum that shows the history of Olinda and Brea. It's great to get an idea of how it all started.

  • 5Jason H. 3 years ago

    This Place Is Cool, "It Makes You Wonder About (The Peak Oil Theory.)"T Bones Pickens Of (Clean Energy in Long Beach California.)He Sold Stock Recently (Cln) Ticker Symbol.Of Clean Energy $7,000,000.00 Worth Of Stock.Also...We Are Going "Electric Vehicles And Solar Power."Hint Hint...Dohiny Nuclear Energy Plant Shut Down.They Still Store Used Unclear Rods There.(Probably Need To Address That Also...)From,The Kid From Orange County ,"That Cares."Love You Brea Olinda,Jason Blake Harlow

  • 5Rick S. 2 years ago

    Amazing story of how the Brea and surrounding areas came to be what they are today. Chris is very knowledgeable and shares a lot of great history.

  • 5John-Michael P. 2 years ago

    La Brea Oil Museum is a hidden gem. For anybody who is interested in local history whether it is Brea, Olinda, Orange, Anaheim, Fullerton, or even Yorba Linda, you should come and hear what the docents have to say. The Oil Museum represents the earliest civilization in this part of Orange County. It chronicles the Olinda oil boom town and really makes you appreciate how these cities have evolved since the early 1900s.

  • 5Evonne G. 6 years ago

    Beautiful for a nice walk. some hills but not that hard. May need to take a break take water . Very peaceful.

  • 5Megan G. 3 years ago

    Our museum guide had grown up in the area and had lots of interesting information about Olinda. The museum is small, but the trail is very pretty, well worth the drive.

  • 5Gary P. 2 years ago

    Snapshot history of oil industry in brea/olinda area in early 1900's. Free tours Wed and Sunday's,but you can visit anytime during the week on self guided tour.

  • 5w. 1 year ago

    Decent trail. Loved it!

  • 5h. 2 years ago

    good for air breeze

  • 5Jia De P. 2 years ago

    Very friendly staff and detailed introduction! We all enjoying the wonderful time!

  • 5Jasan S. 2 years ago

    Easy trial, please people pick up after your dog.

  • 5Dillon W. 3 years ago

    Trail running meca for locals

  • 5Inclined To H. 3 years ago

    Went on the trail. Easy to navigate. Fun

  • 5Jerimy F. 3 years ago

    Great trail and museum hidden along the hills around Brea

  • 5Grace S. 3 years ago

    This trail is the perfect little hidden gem tucked right behind suburban Brea. I often take my dog on little hikes up the trail for a nice workout. There are plenty of trail options depending how far and how steep you'd like your hike to be. After the episode of rain we had last year the entire trail BLOOMED with gorgeous flowers. Definitely worth a visit if you would like to get in a little walk/hike without traveling too far out of the city.

  • 5Araceli F. 2 years ago

    Always a beautiful trail tu run 👍🏻

  • 4Lance J. 4 years ago

    The trail is a little gem, its only two miles long but you get a great view. You need to be fit to climb up the trail. Just follow the sign.

  • 4Richard U. 3 years ago

    The trails are great and beautifully hidden in the hills in Brea. A great hiking destination. There n is not much at the museum but it is still a nice and cozy little museum. It n is nice that the stat parks is there and it is a great spot to do and take children. It's too bad it only available Sundays and Wednesdays. But the trails are always open.

  • 4Lacey W. 3 years ago

    The museum is pretty interesting. The docent has a personal connection to the museum which makes for a very interesting tour. His stories were probably the best part! The hike was very pretty with all the mustard plant blooming.

  • 4J O. 1 year ago

    Very nice trail. I loved looking at the historical stuff they had over there. You can also read about the land throughout the trail. The trail has markers on them so you can stay on the trail. There are signs of rattle snacks there, however I didn't run into any. It's a great climb to the top of the hill and you can see more miles. There are a lot of oil tanks throughout the trail. Can't wait to go again.

  • 4Norina N. 3 years ago

    Very educational. Local history. Staff either lives locally or has lived locally.

  • 4Hermann S. 4 years ago

    The trail is good for exercise and nice view

  • 4Ed L. 3 years ago

    Interesting history of the oil industry in this area.

  • 4Christian M. 2 years ago

    Cool hike, easy/moderate. Did it with the kids and they had fun.

  • 4India M. C. 3 years ago

    Happened upon this trail in the rolling hills of East Brea. This small town has big offerings and etymon. Trail entrance is off of East Santa Fe Road beginning at the museum (see photos). 100 years have passed in this great "little" city with its history rooted in "Black Gold" from the hills. The trail offers the curious views of Olinda Oil Well number one and on clear days the Long Beach Port and the Isthmus of Catalina Island.There is ample parking at the museum. On the right the trail begins. Left of the trail is a once used field office, a jack line pump, a records vault and public restrooms. This is a well-marked trail with quick rise to the top. Lizards, bunnies and ravens are seen often while ascending. Starting the trail there is a canyon then cross the bridge and climb up to the withered tree (full of birds) and some serious hiking begins.Signs guide you up the switchbacks to the heaven of best views. One trail I found to be challenging yet remote is "The Bunny Trail." Resplendent vistas and if you are lucky sightings of mule dear in the meadow. Great for the weekend or weekday hike. East trail you can be to the top in 30 minutes or if formidable appeals to you try Westside Bunny trail for the multi hour torture in the steeply pleasant hills of Brea. Try this trail.

  • 3Nathan W. 2 years ago

    Fun but kinda small, super interesting.

  • 3Jonah T. 4 years ago

    Slightly interesting, but pretty small.

  • 3Arjun D. 3 years ago

    Didn't go here

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