Manifestation Meditation: Can It Work For You? Learn Now! (2023)

ByElizabeth Herman

What if meditation could help you manifest your deepest desires? It can! Here’s how manifestation meditation can happen for you too.

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Do you have dreams and desires for yourself that you’d like to see become reality? I think we all do, right?!

Did you know that wherever you put your attention, that area or quality will start manifesting in your life?

If you put attention on anger, anger will manifest. Focus on love, and love manifests. Focus on imperfection, imperfection manifests. Setting an intention with attention leads to manifestation. Observe the intention, and put your attention on whatever you want to grow in life. Intention, attention, and manifestationthat is how the universe manifests.

So if we are to manifest positive things in our lives, we need a tool to help manage our minds and emotions. Otherwise...we might sabotage ourselves with negative thoughts and emotions and never realize our deepest desires.

There are many reasons why meditation has become so popular these days. Less stress, better health, and being more relaxed are just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. One of the more surprising reasons some people are turning to meditation is that meditation practice actually helps people to manifest their deepest desires. But how?

How does meditation help manifest your desires?

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Imagine for a moment, you’re feeling stressed out, scattered, bogged down with negative thoughts, and you’re feeling darn right grumpy. How can anyone expect to manifest their desires in that mindset? Not possible, right?

But if you have a meditation practice your stress levels go down, you have mental clarity, an increase in energy, more optimism, and life satisfaction! Now, what’s possible? The sky is the limit!

Let’s look at some of the ways in which meditation helps you manifest your desires:

1) Allows you to focus and stay present

We all want more mindfulness in our lives. The more present we are in each moment, the more mindful we are of both the inner and outer world. We can focus on the tasks at hand without the constant back and forth oscillation between the past and the future. Memories of what happened and worries about what might happen don’t distract you from the important activities you take on.

The increase in mindfulness makes any activity more efficient and productive. Hence, your mind has more energy for focusing on and obtaining what you really want.

2) Increases positive thinking

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Giving rest to your mind is crucial to good health, just like the basic personal habits of sleep, brushing your teeth, bathing, and taking a day off from work every so often. It’s mental hygiene. Meditation releases stress and refreshes your mind and body in a way that makes it easy to have more positive thoughts.

With meditation practice, you naturally start having more positive thoughts and feelings, and in turn, this engages the law of attraction. Manifesting love and other desirable qualities happen naturally.

3) Enhances intuition

Solutions to problems and guidance on how to proceed can come from your inner voice. The instinctive, intuitive ability to know what is best will become more prominent the longer you meditate on a regular basis. Being in touch with your intuition can help you make better decisions and make more progress towards your life goals.

4) Cultivates gratitude

The more gratitude you express, the more you’ll receive from the world. One law of the universe is that like attracts like. Naturally, the more you feel abundance in your life, the more abundant energy will surround you. This means that increasing your own sense of gratitude, even if just for your own body and your own potential, will help you to manifest your desires. It may take some time, but with meditation, you are developing patience and opening the door to let the law of attraction work.

Read more benefits of meditation here.

What are the secrets of the Law of Attraction?

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Most people are familiar with the universal law of attraction. Like attracts like, simply put, what we put out into the universe comes back to us. Sounds similar to the law of karma, doesn’t it?

Want to know some of the secrets of the law of attraction? Here are some insights that will help you manifest your desires.

  • Drop your feverishness. If you chase your dreams with feverishness then very little can happen. Intense craving for your desires to be fulfilled only keeps them at bay. Dropping feverishness and craving makes it possible for the universe to fulfill that which you desire.

  • Have faith. An Arab proverb tells us to “Trust in God but tie up your camel.” This reminds us that we should have faith that everything will work out, but at the same time do what we can to ensure a favorable outcome. In other words, we don’t just sit in meditation having faith that all will be provided and do nothing.Take action too.

  • Be open to possibilities. Sometimes your vision canexpand or change and end up looking different and better! Let the universe be a co-creator in realizing your dreams while being open to new ideas.

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  • Be prepared for setbacks. Failures can happen along the way to realizing your dreams. Be prepared for a little imperfection. If you hold onto perfection then you can become irritable when things do not go the way you want them to go. And when you’re irritable you cannot attract what you really want to happen. Practice acceptance and patience and keep moving ahead.

  • Be generous. Generosity is related to the law of attraction. Be it money, time, kindness, or other ways of being generous—this mindset puts you in a favorable receiving mode.

  • Have confidence. Having the confidence that only the best will happen for you is another way you can help manifest your desires. Also, having the confidence that you will be able to overcome any obstacles plays a big part in the law of attraction. Know that everything you need and more is on the way.

  • Let go. At some point, you just need to let go. In letting go, you create the space and opportunity for fulfillment to happen. This is especially true when it comes to affirmations. Too much repetition creates subtle doubt in the mind.

  • Meditate. Through meditation you are able to drop your feverishness, confidence increases, the spirit of generosity dawns, you are able to take things in stride, you become more open-minded, more faith happens and you learn to let go! So the real secret to the law of attraction is to MEDITATE.

Discover a new dimension

Enjoy this guided meditation by the Art of Living Founder, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and discover a new dimension within yourself.

What kinds of meditation are the best manifestation meditation?

The best meditation for manifesting is one that can do everything from increasing mindfulness to enhancing your intuition, and all the other things we have already mentioned. Guided meditation is helpful on one level, but if you want to access the superconscious level of the mind then try either a mantra-based meditation technique or breath-based meditation like SKY Breath Meditation.

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The best and easiest attraction tool for more success, manifesting love, better health, and realizing your dreams is quite possibly breathing, as in SKY Breath Meditation. SKY also has many benefits outside the realm of manifesting your desires. Greater mental focus, enhanced deep sleep, improved immunity, and more joy are just a few of the dynamics researchers and participants report with a SKY practice.

You can learn more about SKY Breath Meditation by attending a FREE breath and meditation session, Beyond Breath. A certified instructor will lead a guided meditation and teach you a breathing exercise for more energy and calm (nicknamed Yogic Cappuccino), as well as answer any questions you might have about SKY. Why not take this first step towards realizing your dreams!? The universe is sending you a sign! ; )

Based on the wisdom shared by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

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Denise Everheart is a freelance writer, life-long meditator, SKY Breath Meditation instructor, party planner, veg chef, and recipe designer. Follow her @everheartstudio4meditation and @celeplateyourlife on Instagram.

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