Employment Opportunities | Princeton University Art Museum (2023)

For full descriptions of open positions at the Princeton University Art Museum, and to apply for curatorial positions, please visitand filter by “Art Museum”. To apply for non-curatorial positions, please visitCareers at Princetonand search for “ArtMuseum” in the Department field. When opportunities are available, brief descriptions of current openings are listed below for your convenience.

The Princeton University Art Museum seeks applications for Gallery Attendants to work at Art@Bainbridge, a gallery housed in the carefully restored colonial-era Bainbridge House at 158 Nassau Street in downtown Princeton NJ and Art on Hulfish, a gallery, a photo forward exhibition space also in downtown Princeton. This visitor focused position provides the opportunity to work within the context of an art museum that is intimate in scale yet expansive in scope, supporting a dynamic exhibition program and an array of educational initiatives. As part of the Education Team, Gallery Attendants are responsible for providing a welcoming and engaging experience for all visitors.

Responsibilities include:Welcome visitors and answer questions.Provide information about exhibitions, exhibition spaces, activities, programs and the Art Museum in general.Conduct visitor evaluations and track daily attendance.Assure that activity spaces are clean and fully stocked with necessary materials and facilitate activities as needed.Gallery Attendants are expected to find a sub if they are not able to work their shift. They are also expected to sub for other Gallery Attendants when needed.Assist with promotion, setup, and support of a variety of programs.Complete other tasks as needed.Flexible work schedule required which may include hours on Saturdays, Sundays, and some evenings.

To apply, please go to Gallery Attendants and post to requisition #2021-13543

Museum Preparator(Requisition No.:2022-15205)

The Princeton University Art Museum seeks an experienced, engaged, and innovative Museum Preparator who thrives in a collaborative and goal-oriented environment. Reporting to the Head of Installations, the Museum Preparator will help install and preserve our collections, in alignment with the Museum’s priorities.

Priorities for the Museum Preparator will be to assist with the preparation for the eventual return of the collections to the new building and to prepare objects for the future galleries. Primary duties include installation of exhibitions, preparation of outgoing loans, general art handlingand location tracking in the inventory system,and maintenance of our campus art collections. Further duties include handling, mounting, matting, and framing of works on paper for the purposes of study, imaging, collections storage, and gallery display. The Museum Preparator will work with conservators, registrars, project leads, curators, designers, and fellow preparators to fulfill these duties.

To apply, please go to Museum Preparatorand post to requisition #2022-15205

Digital Asset Coordinator (Requisition2022-15137)

The Princeton University Art Museum, one of the nation’s preeminent cultural institutions in an academic setting, seeks applications for the role ofDigital Asset Coordinator. Reporting to the Associate Director for Communication and Information, the Digital Asset Coordinator will work in collaboration with staff from across the institution to facilitate the Museum’s ongoing digital asset management program which is focused upon the storage, description, distribution, and retention of the Museum’s digital assets, including images, video, audio, and documents.

In this role, the Digital Asset Coordinator will lead efforts to define and codify institutional standards, workflows, and policies that will form three core aspects of the Museum’s digital asset program: ingestion and storage; metadata and description; and access and use.

The Digital Asset Coordinator will also act as the primary product owner for the Museum’s digital asset management system, Atrium. In this capacity, the Digital Asset Coordinator will collaborate primarily with staff in Communication and Information to establish and maintain a program of user onboarding, training, and support. They will also work closely with the Art Information Systems Specialist and other staff to translate user needs into system configurations and to help guide future system development and integrations.

To apply, please go to Digital Asset Coordinator and post to requisition #2022-15137

Visual Imaging Specialist(Requisition2022-15557)

The Princeton University Art Museum welcomes applications for the role of Visual Imaging Specialist, a key position involving imaging works from the collections of one of the world’s most excellent comprehensive museums in an academic setting, non-art and event photography, and all studio operations in support of Museum programming. Reporting to the Manager of Visual Resources / Photographer, the Visual Imaging Specialist will capture images of artwork in a state-of-the-art museum photography studio as well as on campus and offsite locations. The Visual Imaging Specialist will be engaged in developing and deploying a photo studio in the new Museum opening in late 2024.

The Visual Imaging Specialist will be responsible for digital photography of works of art, managing metadata, image files, studio equipment, and other duties in support of the department. The Visual Imaging Specialist will have an understanding of or practical experience with the following: metadata standards, publication grade photography, color editing and color management, as well as computational imaging, including still digital capture, IR/UV lighting, RTI, photogrammetry, and video.

The Visual Imaging Specialist will also provide direct support for Museum programming, including off-site and on-call photography of events, visitors, and installations. This position additionally supports Museum publications by providing imaging expertise, managing imaging and data deliveries, and providing quality control and proofing service.

To apply, please go to Visual Imaging Specialist and post to requisition #2022-15557

Registrar (Requisition 2022-15971)

Princeton University Art Museum seeks an experienced Registrar to support the department with exhibition and loan activity and who thrives in a collaborative and goal-oriented environment. Reporting to the Chief Registrar, the Registrar will have responsibility for outgoing international loans, as well as responsibility for three or more assigned exhibitions per calendar year—one or more of which may travel to several national and/or international venues. They will work closely with our curators, exhibition project managers, preparators, conservators, and other registrars and must be able to interact with borrowers, lenders, insurance representatives, and shipping and transport agents.

The Registrar will generate all related documents and will approve—in consultation with others—and arrange all packing, courier, transportation and installation details for between 10–25 objects per year. Other duties may include working with our conservators to assess works of art and the ability of that art to travel, as well as reviewing and negotiating foreign insurance policies and indemnity summaries and Borrower facility reports. The Registrar selects, debriefs and coordinates courier activity, including acting as a courier when required. The position also arranges and maintains the long-term outgoing loans program, which includes loans on campus and in the Princeton area. The Registrar will create, maintain and archive outgoing international loan and long-term outgoing loan files.

To apply, please go to Registrar and post to requisition #2022-15971

Research Assistant (Requisition2022-16070)

The Princeton University Art Museum seeks an exceptional Research Assistant. They will report to the Curator of Art of the Ancient Americas. The primary responsibility will be conducting provenance research on works in the collection, including those that are part of the Gillett G. Griffin bequest. The position will also involve various tasks related to preparations for the installation of the collections in the new museum currently under construction.

The candidate should have a B.A. in Art History, Archaeology, or a related field with demonstrated research and communication skills. Knowledge of the arts of the ancient Americas, especially from Latin America and experience with provenance research is highly desirable. This post requires meticulous attention to detail as well as the ability to deal with confidential and sensitive information. An M.A. in art history, archaeology, or a related field is strongly preferred.

To apply, please go toResearch Assistantand post to Requisition #2022-16070

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