Bavarian Inn Lodge Review | Fun For the Whole Family in Frankenmuth (2023)

Looking for a getaway WITH the kids that will ensure they won't utter those infamous two words, "I'm bored"? Look no further than Bavarian Inn Lodge in Frankenmuth, MI! Kids will have a blast and will sleep tight by the end of the night. Arcade games, pools, water slides and more, say Willkonmen to Frankenmuth and to fun!

Disclaimer: My family was provided a 1 night stay at the Bavarian Inn Lodge and dinner at Bavarian Inn Restaurant free for review . All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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The Bavarian Inn Lodge is located in Frankenmuth, Michigan and sits on seven acres!

​The grounds outside are beautifully manicured and inside there is a fun center that includes multiple rooms of arcade games, an indoor mini golf course, four indoor pools and two water slides!

Bavarian Inn Lodge
1 Covered Bridge Ln
Frankenmuth, MI 48734

As you drive through the town of Frankenmuth and turn onto Covered Bridge Lane, you feel as if you are entering a magical land. To get to the lodge you actually drive through a covered bridge(!) and chances are you'll seeat least one horse drawn carriage.

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Bavarian Inn Lodge | Rooms

The Bavarian Inn Lodge offers a room type to fit anyone's needs! They offer suites that can sleep up to 7 or 8 guests with beds and a pull-couch.

They have whirlpool suites for guests who are visiting for a romantic getaway and the Bavarian Inn Lodge has Handicap accessible rooms.

During our stay we were in a standard room with a river view. We were on the ground floor so our secondary door brought us right outside on a small patio with patio chairs. Other floors with rooms overlooking the river had walk-out patios to a balcony.

Our room was very conveniently located just a few steps from the Family Fun Center. Now, I know what you're thinking, "next to the Family Fun Center, it must have been so loud!" - NOPE! We could not hear a thing! Not an arcade big sound, not a cheer from a winner, nothing!

Plus, the Bavarian Inn Lodge has signs up in the elevator and throughout the hotel reminding guests to be quiet in the halls. Some access points are even closed after a certain time to reduce noise.

Our room was very clean! It included a mini fridge, an arm chair, a small table with chair and a very large TV. The room however, certainly does not *feel* modern. As I said our room was exceptionally clean and there is a very large (flat screen) TV on the wall but modern is not what they are going for here.

Our room was filled with history including family photos and the story of the Lier Family. I noticed that the rooms nearby all had a different family name on the door, I imagine those rooms also featured family history and photos on the walls too.

Even though it is such a large compound, the Bavarian Inn Lodge somehow manages to still feel very quaint.

As you walk through the halls you'll see large frames with collages of pictures of things like Chili Cook-Offs and guest photo contests. These large frames are everywhere and showcase many decades of fun!

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Bavarian Inn Lodge | Family Fun Center: Arcade

The Family Fun Center includes 160 different games in multiple rooms! There are "play to you win" games that are great for younger children because everyone leaves a winner.

There are games that you play to earn tickets that you can redeem for prizes and there are small ride on cars for younger children to sit in; during our stay there was a ride that featured Snoopy, one that had Bob the Builder and a red corvette car.

There is also a super fun play structure that is designed like a village complete with stairs, a slide, pretend food, a play picnic table and a play kitchen sink.

To play the games at the arcade you purchase "Willy's Play Card" and load up as many credits as you'd like; $5.00 = 16 credits, $50 = 200 credits (plus 36 bonus credits)*

Purchasing and reloading a card is super easy, you use what looks like an ATM machine and keeping track of your credits is easy as well - your balance is shown after each time you swipe your card at a game.

*Price and credit amounts are subject to change. These prices are from 2021.

Bavarian Inn Lodge | Family Fun Center: Pools

The Bavarian Inn Lodge features 4 indoor pools, 3 whirlpools (hot tub-like) and 2 water slides. Two pools flank the one side of the arcade and a third pool is tucked away behind the miniature golf course on the opposite side - these pools are conveniently located for families who are there for the Fun Center. The 4th pool is totally separate, away from the action, in the courtyard and is adults only.

One of the pools is not full a pool but more like a splash area which is perfect for younger ones! There are fountain features for them to play and splash in and the water level is only about 1 and half feet.

Pools are only open for swimming for resort guests. You are not able to access the pool prior to check in but we were told we could swim up until 2pm on our checkout day. (Checkout is 11am).

​Now, the website mentions "water park" however there are only two slides. This area felt more like indoor pools with slides, and less like a water park. This doesn't make the pools and slides any less fun, I'm just not sure if "water park" is the correct phrasing for the area.

Tower Twister Slide:
Body Slide
Minimum height requirement: 42" tall

Bavarian Blast Tube Slide:
Tube slide with option for single or double rider tubes
Minimum height requirement: 48" tall or 42" with an adult

These slides are a lot of fun and they are FAST!

​All of the pools and the end of the slides are indoors which makes this a great place to visit even in the winter months!

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Bavarian Inn Lodge | Family Fun Center: Willy's Mini Golf

I love that everything is inside at Bavarian Inn Lodge making this a year-round destination.

The 18 hole mini golf course is indoors and located right off the arcade and next to the Ratskeller restaurant.

To play a round of Willy's Mini Golf it is an additional and not included in your stay. We were told to keep our golf balls, I am not sure if that is standard or if this is a temporary protocol for health and safety.

The miniature golf course features colorful greens, has a backdrop of a beautifully painted mural and is lots of fun!

Bavarian Inn Lodge | Onsite Eateries

There truly is no reason to leave the property once you're at Bavarian Inn Lodge; they have it all - arcade, mini golf, pools and good food to eat.

I am going to focus on the restaurants that are located inside the lodge at this time, we did have a delicious meal at Bavarian Inn Restaurant, that is actually a short walk from the property (through the covered bridge) but that is going to be an entirely different post! So check back!

Ratskeller - located just off the arcade and next to Willy's Mini Golf is a cafeteria-style restaurant. This is what I would call a "quick service" meal. They have pizza! Ratskeller serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Oma's - Sit down-stylerestaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. We ordered french toast and pancakes to our room for breakfast on our checkout day from Oma's and everything was hot and very yummy!

Lorelei Lounge & Schnitzelbank Beier Garten - I'd say this one is for the adults though children are allowed until 10pm. Here you can grab a happy hour drink and enjoy free, live entertainment. The perfect dinner for those who are looking to relax and unwind!

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The Bavarian Inn Lodge truly has something for everyone! The atmosphere is super unique and unlike anything I've ever visited before. With the arcade, pools, food, entertainment - you'll never be bored! My kids have already asked when we can go back so that pretty much tells you everything you need to know.

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Planning a getaway?
The Bavarian Inn Lodge has some great deals for your visit to Frankenmuth at

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About The Bavarian Inn Lodge
Nestled along the Cass River in one of Michigan's top tourist destinations - Frankenmuth - is one of the state's largest Indoor Water Park Hotels. The Lodge has 360 European-themed guest rooms, including whirlpool and family suites, an adult-only pool, two gift shops, two lounges and two restaurants -- all under one roof. The Lodge's expansive 35,000 square feet Family Fun Center houses two dramatic water slides, three pools and two whirlpools, over 150 video and redemption games, a two-story children's play village and Willy's Kingdom indoor mini-golf course. Guests can also enjoy live, year-round, nightly entertainment and test their own musical skills during weekend family karaoke shows. In 30 years of business, the Bavarian Inn Lodge has been an important destination for travelers, evidenced by the 1.25 million room-nights that have been booked there since its opening, along with its top rating on TripAdvisor.

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